Art Basel

Art, Visual identity


Art direction: Sebastian Vargas
Production: Kairos Studio
Design: Nolan Paparelli, Jahn Koutrios
Animation: Miriam Palopoli

Art Basel - © Kairos Studio

Art Basel
Global digital identity

Creative strategy
Art direction
Graphic design
Motion design

Art Basel
Digital visual identity creative and art direction.

Art Basel brings the international artworld together, with the world's leading galleries showing the works of over 4,000 artists. A full program of artworld talks takes place each day. Exhibitions and events are also offered by cultural institutions in Basel and the surrounding area, creating an exciting, region-wide art week.

While being the digital agency of Art Basel, we expanded their digital presence by developing a motion design system and a web tool to generate videos. This enables the communication team to create animated videos on demand to promote all programmes on all channels.

Art Basel
Motion identity: Logo animation

Regional fair motion identities.

Art Basel in Basel

Art Basel in Miami Beach

Art Basel in Hong Kong

Motor app

Motor is a content management system for custom animations providing an automated interface where Art Basel marketing team can generate content based on their visual identity. We use creative automation to enable users without design expertise to create and edit animated content that fit their business’s day-today communication needs.

Show promotion

Ticketing campaign

Film program

An animated system for video showcasing all pieces from the film program.

Gallery Promotion

A video highlighting various galleries and key artworks. Several videos can be produced before the fair to promote galleries within specific sectors.

Sector Promotion

One video showing a written definition excerpt of each Sector while highlighting key artworks to inform the public.

Conversation program

A series of video showcasing and promoting each participant on a given day for the Conversation program.

Editorial stories

A series of micro editorial videos promoting snippets of articles from the website to improve content reach and awareness.

Artwork and gallery Instagram stories

A series of instagram stories focusing on artwork and gallery promotion.

New broadcast design elements for the regional show video.

New broadcast design elements for the series "Meet the Artists"

Art Basel - © Kairos Studio

Art direction: Sebastian Vargas
Production: Kairos Studio
Design: Nolan Paparelli, Jahn Koutrios
Animation: Miriam Palopoli

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